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Mormon teachings & doctrines prove that they hate all blacks, women, homosexuals, Jews and anyone that isn't Mormon, especially those that have left Mormonism like myself!! 

Darron Smith, A Black Mormon, Discussing Mormon Racism.


This story was reported back on September 23, 2004, right after Darron Smith, a black Mormon, had written his book entitled, "Black and Mormon."

Darron Smith did a lot of interviews after this one with KUTV news, in Salt Lake City, and was eventually fired from BYU, for being too outspoken about the issue of Blacks or in other words, the truth of the racist, Mormon history and hierarchy.

All that Darron wanted them to do, was to simply apologize for and repudiate their awful racist teachings and stereotypes of the past and the Mormon Hierarchy's answer was to fire him, instead of apologize. The Mormon Hierarchy must be so proud of their racist heritage.

This is shameful and loathsome behavior by the racist and bigoted Mormon Hierarchy. I mean if they won't simply apologize for past racist statements and teachings, then they must be racists, right? Isn't it simple?

I mean, good hell, they still sell and profit from these words of hate in Jesus' "one and only true" bookstore. How do you justify that TBMS and Mormon apologists?!!

So, to recap; they refuse to apologize for their words of racial hate toward blacks, they punish anyone that publicly calls them on it and then the cherry on top; is that they still sell these words of hate and racism and profit from them in Jesus' bookstore. Case closed!!

I just wanted to once again, publicly thank Darron Smith for revealing these truths to me, that I was never aware of until around January of 2005.

I'll be very honest in saying that Darron Smith(although still a true believing Mormon, despite the racist past of Mormonism), was the main catalyst, that put me on the path to freedom and the "real truth" about Mormonism.

Darron Smith had done an open and honest interview regarding the racism in Mormonism, with a local magazine here in Utah, called the Salt Lake City Weekly. I strongly recommend that everyone read this article.

So, thank you again, Darron Smith, for having the courage and strength to stand up to the bullies and racist Mormon Hierarchy; even though it cost you your job and probably, eventually, your membership in the Mormon Church.

By the way, the book that Darron Smith was fired over, is available for sale at both Deseret bookstore(Jesus' bookstore) and BYU's bookstore(Jesus' university bookstore).

I believe that Darron said, in the interview with John Dehlin, that he will eventually leave Mormonism if things don't change pretty soon, as he's getting impatient, waiting for Hinckley and co. to apologize.

Sorry to say it Darron, but that ain't ever gonna happen, so pack your bags, it's just a matter of time.

Of course, the excommunication happy Mormon Hierarchy, may try to excommunicate him before he can voluntarily leave, which would be par for the course.

The interview Darron Smith did With John Dehlin was awesome and I encourage everyone interested in this subject, to listen to it.

I did try to contact Darron Smith for an interview early in 2006, but since he's still an active Mormon, my forum wasn't the best place for him to come to and he never responded.

John Dehlin was a lot safer forum for him, as far as his church membership goes, and I understand that. I figure that if he ever officially leaves the church for good, or gets excommunicated, then I might be able to have him come into the Mormon Truth forum and tell everyone exactly what he's thinking and how it all went down.

From banning women from the Mormon Priesthood(the supposed literal power of God on earth) to banning women from praying in their most sacred sacrament meeting each week(1967-1978), to performing electro-shock/vomit therapy on homosexuals(at BYU university- using gay/straight porn), to teaching that Jews can never become Christians; they hate EVERYONE!!

They call people like me, that have publicly denounced Mormonism(along with anyone else that doesn't believe it)... anti-christs, very dangerous, disease germs, full of darkness, and that they should run from us as fast as they can. 

They actually rank apostates as more of a threat and more dangerous than predators, in their official Bishop's handbook of instructions.

There is much more to come here in Mormon Bigotry, as this first page is just the beginning.

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Samuel the Utahnite

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